Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Girl on the Run - Jane Costello

Hi there lovelies!
I've just finished the book I was painfully slowly at reading - not from lack of interest - simply because I have been extra lazy these last few weeks. Of course, once I got to the final 100 or so pages, I couldn't put the bloody book down, which lead to me staying up last night, furiously reading till 3 am whilst poor Mr.Fish was trying to ignore the light coming from my bedside lamp and go to sleep.

He's a real catch ...if only she could catch him up Abby Rogers has been on health kicks before - they involve eating one blueberry muffin for breakfast instead of two. 
But since starting her own business, after watching one too many episodes of The Apprentice, the 28-year-old's waistline has taken even more of a back seat than her long-neglected love life. When Abby is encouraged to join her sporty best friend's running club - by none other than its gorgeous new captain - she finds a mysterious compulsion to exercise. 
Sadly, her first session doesn't go to plan. Between the obscenely unflattering pink leggings, and the fact that her lungs feel as though they've been set on fire, she vows never to return. 
Then her colleague Heidi turns up at work and makes a devastating announcement, one that will change her life - and Abby's - forever.

I found Jane Costello a delightful writer, with a great sense of humour. The story is funny, romantic and also has a few touching and sad moments.. with a great heartwarming ending. If you love chick flicks, like myself, you will love this book. I actually think this would make a perfect girly movie. 
It also talks about the main character's love/hate relationship with running, a sport I enjoy myself - although most of the time I manage to  talk myself out of it from pure laziness!
I fully recommend this read, the next ones on my wishlist are definitely the other 3 books by Jane Costello : "Bridesmaids" (that was also recommended to me by Rachel) , "The Nearly Weds" & "My Single Friend".


  1. oooh this book sounds interesting, I might just get it!


  2. I do that with books too, I think one time when I read Harry Potter in one sitting I stayed up until 6am!! :S xxx

    I awarded you a blog award by the way! ♥

  3. Oh yeah, I definitely to that when reading Harry Potter, it's impossible to put those books down!

    Thank you so much for the award darling! ♥x


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