Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why I ♥ Autumn

For me there's something magical about Autumn. Here in Portugal the summer is so unbearably hot - don't get me wrong, I love it - but when I get to the end of August I'm simply desperate for a cool breeze, some nice refreshing raindrops, snuggling to a blanket watching TV and drinking endless cups of tea.
We are nearly at the end of September, and still no sign of Autumn, although I'll admit it is getting slighty cooler, especially in the evenings.

So apart from all the things people generally like about autumn, like golden leaves and cozy slippers, I love it for a couple extra reasons : My birthday is in October, and more importantly...

The return of my favourite TV shows!

Supernatural - Season 7

The Vampire Diaries - Season 3 

Pretty Little Liars - Season 2 

Gossip Girl - Season 5


Grey's Anatomy - Season 8

Modern Family - Season 3


Glee - Season 3

How I Met Your Mother - Season 7


  1. can we swap countries??:)
    i'd gladly take your warm weather in exchange for our cold and wind!hehe!
    looks like you've got lots of great shows lined up!
    i love how i met your mother and vampire diaries :P

  2. @Charlotte - I know, we're never pleased with what we've got, hey? :)
    How I Met Your Mother started its new season yesterday, it's so good ! x

  3. I'm so excited for Glee and HIMYM too. I'm a tad obsessed!!! xxx

  4. I am the same as Charlotte, I would love more hot weather for us, we hardly have a summer. I cannot wait for Glee, ahhh it is so exciting, I love tv at this time of the year :) X Factor time for us too!! xxx


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