Monday, December 12, 2011

A little slice of Christmas spirit

Hello there lovelies,

This weekend I decided to make "Fatias Douradas", that  translated from portuguese to english literally means "Golden Slices".  They are what I suppose you call French Toast, it's a portuguese custom to eat these delicious slices of sweet toasted bread at Christmas, so I decided to give it a go!

All you have to do is slice any bread in thick-ish slices, it is preferable if you use older, harder bread, but I only had a loaf of soft bread and couldn't bother to wait a few more days till it got harder :p
Then you heat up some milk, don't bring it to the boil though because then it will be too hot for you to dip the slices of bread in. Add a cinnamon stick and zest of lemon to the milk. When you take the milk off the heat, add a bit of sugar too. 

Then you dip the slices of bread in the milk (make sure they don't get too soggy, my bread was already very soft so I made sure I dipped them very swiftly!). 

Prepare a few bowls - one with about 5 whisked eggs and one with a mixture of sugar and cinnamon.

Heat a pan up with olive oil or oil, whichever you prefer. I used olive oil as it's healthier. 
Dip a few slices in the eggs and quickly put them in the pan to fry, until they are golden (don't forget to fry each side!). You can then pop the finished slices on kitchen paper, to absorb the oil, and then dip the slices in the sugar mixture. Keep doing this to all the slices.
And voilá! You can eat them straight away, but they actually taste better a few hours later or even the next day! (Obviously I didn't wait. I'm impatient like that.) :)


  1. This sounds amazing. I'm definitely going to have to try it

  2. Just stopping by to say hello!
    you're so pretty girlie!

    Happy holidays <3
    follow eachother?


  3. my mom makes the best french toast. i've never had `em with sugar though. now i want some! D:

    also, your blog is super pretty~!!

  4. Ooooh this sounds amazing :) must try this, yum yum xxx

  5. This looks and sounds absolutely delicious! I will have to try some! xxxx


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