Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More updates!

So I haven't been the best of bloggers lately, but by now you know the reason behind it is that we're busy busy  over here trying to get things sorted to move to the U.K. this year... 
The thing is... it's probably going to happen even sooner than we thought! We've been thinking and talking with my mum, and we came to the conclusion that to begin with we should move in with her in Northern Ireland. ASAP. So I can start working and saving up, Mr.Fish can be learning english and all in all it would be a pretty effective and not-so-daunting starting point for us!
It would just be a temporary solution because, apart from the fact that we've been used to living together, just the two of us, obviously the whole point of moving to another country is to get our life on track and start our own family. And it goes without saying - living with anyone, especially parents - is definitely not easy after you've been living alone for a while! 
So my plan is for Mr.Fish to sort out things in the company he works for so he can get out of there as soon as possible, sort out the cats next week and leave Portugal at the end of February so I can hopefully get some sort of a job in March (I have a few hopes layed on a position working for National Trust at the Giant's Causeway). Pheww.. talk about BIG changes!

Now the big dilemma is whether we go by plane or by car... I was shocked to find out that to fly both cats over to Manchester (no direct flights with animals to Northern Ireland) is going to cost us 580 pounds, and that excludes our flights that will be an extra 150£! It might be better to go by car, although it will be a hell of a long journey!

Anyway I'll keep you posted!
By the way, thanks so much for your kind words of support, you really are amazing girls :) 


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  1. Even though the car journey would be epic you could turn it into a road trip! When I visited Ireland I went to the Giants Causeway, it's so beautiful!! I want to go back one day xxx


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