Sunday, May 27, 2012

How 'bout this lovely weather, hey?

I never thought I'd get weather like this in the U.K.! Why didn't anybody tell us? There we were, missing Portugal and being jealous of friends and family that were getting lovely sunshine and going to the beach.

Imagine my surprise when all of a sudden (it really was, wasn't it?) I went from boots to flip-flops!

Well, with such beautiful beaches right at our doorstep, we didn't have to think much about what we were going to do this weekend.

I didn't quite muster up the courage to actually go in the water, no matter how lovely it looked, because I must say - it's much chillier than in Portugal! Baby steps...

So what were you all up to this weekend? I'm sure you were enjoying this good weather too, hm?

By the way, this is Runkerry Beach in Portballintrae, right near the Giant's Causeway.. Lovely isn't it?


  1. These photos are lovely! I adore your bikini too! You're so lucky to have such a gorgeous beach nearby - it looks a lot like the beaches in St Andrews. It looks pretty empty too, luck you.

    You'll have to get used to the weird weather here. One day a few weeks ago we had ten mins of super hot weather with blue sky, followed by ten mins of torrential rain, followed by sun, followed by hail, followed by sun.... etc. Happens all the time! :S xxx

    1. Thanks Rach, my bikini is actually quite old now and this was the only one I brought back from Portugal (thinking I wouldn't really have an opportunity to wear one here - ha!)
      We did walk a bit to get to the emptier side of the beach, but yeah on the whole it wasn't too busy!

      Yes I'm realizing that now, as they say - you can get all four seasons of the year in one day! :P xxx

  2. Great post honey! Wanna follow each other?
    have a great day

    1. Hi K.I.S.S. (keep it stylish and sexy - how fun!) :) Thank you, I am now following you too :)
      Have a lovely day too! xx

  3. aww it looks so lovely where you are, my nearest beach is Blackpool, I wish i could of gone somewhere,
    I really want to dig my bikini out :(
    you look stunning,
    I can't believe how quiet it looks near you.

    1. Aww thanks Charlotte, yes I guess we are lucky to be near the beach, there's gorgeous scenery around this area too.
      You must visit Northern Ireland some time, it's gorgeous.
      However I love your pictures of that water park, you're lucky to live right next to it!
      It's not always quiet, on the weekends when there's good weather and holiday season it gets quite busy. On this particular day we just walked a bit further up the beach to a quieter bit. :) x


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