Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday's Breakfast

Saturday morning requires a special breakfast, am I right?
I decided to spice things up and stray away from the usual Marmite toast or Cherios, and since I had some lovely berries in the fridge I thought I'd better use them. Fruit in the morning, can it get any better?

I usually make my own pancakes as they're pretty easy to do, but I had some store bought ones I thought I'd better use up, so all I did was heat them up, pop some golden sirup on those babies and throw some scrumptious berries on top.

We weren't quite content yet so I used up the rest of the berries with some natural yogurt and a dash of muesli.


  1. I have a love hate relationship with marmite on toast. It's like my mouth doesn't get it haha. Your saturday breakfast looks so yum! xxx

    1. I used to much prefer Bovril but then I became vegetarian so I had to turn to Marmite. I really love it now! But they do say Marmite is one of those "you either love or hate" things, isn't it? :P x

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