Monday, May 14, 2012

This really isn't fair.

I really am trying to avoid noticing my portuguese friends' statuses on facebook saying how they had a lovely day at the beach this weekend and how today at 9h30 in the morning it reached 34 degrees. 
My desktop also is kind enought to remind me of the slight diference in temperatures.
Meanwhile Mr.Fish and I got blown away by gailforce winds and hailstone whilst atempting to have a nice bike ride in the morning. We were not successful.

I did however purchase a Piz Buin Gradual Tan Face Moisturizer a couple of days ago. Since I can't have the real deal, might as well fake it, hey?


  1. The weather sucks so bad right now I can't wait for a bit of sun! :) xxx

  2. I know, it takes some getting used to after being in Portugal all my life! xx


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