Tuesday, June 12, 2012

OOTD for the dullest day ever

Do you get frustated when you waste a perfectly good outfit on an extremely non-eventful day? I do. But I needn't fret, as that's what a blog's for.
So here is my OOTD, where I basically got ready and even photographed just to go to the dentist.How sad is that? I wasn't even actually seen by the dentist, I just accompanied Mr.Fish.
My favourite jeans were in the machine and I remembered about the cute dress I got in Bershka a while ago, before I came to Northern Ireland, and thought why not? Then I realized it was raining but it was too late by then. Which also meant the picture would have to be taken inside. So not even an interesting backdrop, but there you have it.

I'm afraid everything I'm wearing is from quite old collections so I won't even bother to do an outfit breakdown. I feel bad about wearing boots in June, but it was rather chilly!

Although I think it's rather nice, I was almost not going to post this as it was such a dull day - apart from the lovely Fish n' Chips dinner which I was too famished to even photograph.

On the other hand in these situations you can always think like this:

Night night!x


  1. This is really pretty though. Love the dress and how you've put it together with the boots and cardi! Sending warm weather your way!! xxx

    1. Thanks hun, I just feel bad having such a wintery outfit, then looking at your gorgeous summer pics :P Haha.
      But I think your warm weather send-off worked, it's sunny today so thank you! :) xxx

  2. Hey! I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! I love your blog and you always leave such great comments on my blog. Here's a little something to say thank you!


  3. haha, this picture at the bottom sums up what i say to myself on non eventful days like yours was today :)
    You look lovely for the record, and I love your dress, i did the same as you today, wore a nice outfit, them got my hair absolutely soaked and my clothes on my trip to the dentist,
    It was pointless wearing anything nice, although at least i looked good for my root canal hehe!
    I don't blame you wearing boots, you wouldn't think it was summer would you?


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