Friday, September 16, 2011

New Hair: Sneak Peak

Hi Babes,

So today I'm  posting a quick preview of my new hair, I went yesterday to have it done, as it was in serious need of a cut and colour!

My goal is to let my hair grow out, and have it long, shiny and healthy. This has proved being extremely dificult, as I have very fine hair and not very much of it! Also I spent years trying to be as blonde as possible, highlighting my hair, using heat styling tools every day, putting in hair extensions and NEVER trimming it - I know, awful!
I'm planning on doing a post about my hair history, but for now I'll just resume to what I decided to do a couple of months ago. I got tired of my hair extensions, cut my hair, and decided that all the bleaching and highlighting had to come to an end so I dyed it dark brown. Like this, I can eventually go back to my natural hair colour (which I don't really know what it is, to be honest!) and let it grow healthily, avoiding inflicting any damage to it during this process!

So although I'm behaving really well, almost never styling my hair, trimming it regularly, my hair always seems to go all dry and horrible at the ends only a few weeks after cutting it! Sometimes I feel like I'll never be able to have long hair, I've only ever felt what that was like with hair extensions, because my natural hair has never seemed to go past a certain length - below my shoulders.
All I can do is be patient and kind to my hair... however painfully slow this whole process may be!

Anyone else experiencing hair dramas?

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