Monday, September 19, 2011


Hi there lovelies!

These last couple of months have been quite difficult for me, as I'm currently unnemployed & Mr.Fish has been having trouble in his job, with constant delays in the payment of salaries all escalating to the most recent news that his company is about to close down :(
So all in all, it's been a tough time financially speaking, with me usually just bored to death stuck at home, waiting for Mr.Fish to get home after a hard's day work and no pay in sight!
So this weekend brought a pleasant change of atmosphere when some friends of our invited us to dinner on Saturday, we had a great meal and played an hysterical board game resembling charades! On Sunday another group of friends came by our house and payed us a visit, that was a great evening too! I cooked and baked, and was very worried with the outcome of my culinary experiences - but I needed not to fret! It turned out great.

Today I started jogging again, I used to go running every single day about a year ago, I was really fit and so into it! For some reason I stopped, and never seemed to get "back on the horse"! So I was brave today and woke up at the crack of dawn (Okay, so it was 7 am, but it's still very early for a person that's just hanging around at home all day and has the luxury to sleep till her heart's content!).
While Mr.Fish was driving to work, instead of being curled up in my comfy bed, sleeping soundly like I usually am at that time of the day, I was jogging along happily - that is, until I realized just how out of shape I actually am... It wasn't too bad, apart from the violent exhaling making me sound more like a race horse and getting painful side stitches! I do love the sensation though, I feel so exhilirated!

I also started watching the 3rd season of "The Vampire Diaries" - so exciting! I'm so loving it... Anyone else a fan?

And finally, back to my hair issues... I'll leave you with a few random pictures of my new hair, obviously it's too short for my liking, but it's a necessary measure if I'm planning to grow it out healthily! Any tips, girlies?

My gorgeous lazy boy, Marley!

Random picture of me being silly with Mr.Fish's hat!


  1. I really like your hair!
    I've always been told too that growing hair long and keeping it healthy requires regular trims, but honestly I have found the exact opposite! I have not had my hair cut in about 6-8 months now and it's getting really long. I just take extra care to pile conditioner onto the ends and leave it on as long as possible before washing off. I saw my usual hairdresser last week and she was shocked at the good condition of my ends! Drink lots of water too, it keeps your hair hydrated and shiny!! ♥ xxx

  2. Hi Rachael, I know - I absolutely adore your hair, I would give anything to have beautiful long lustrous locks like yours.. a girl can only dream :) Thanks for the tips darling, I keep forgetting that bit about drinking water, although it doesn't really require any effort at all (for me, anyway!)!♥ xx

  3. Aww thanks! Yeah I wish it was so easy to drink water here. When I go to the Caribbean it's so easy but it's far too cold here I just want cups of tea all the time!! :)


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