Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My first "ELFish" experience + NOTD - Elf "Desert Haze"

Hi there lovelies,

Today I've become the proud owner of my very first ELF haul!
Up till now I'm really pleased with the overall quality, look and feel of the products, they all look so professional and with such good quality (especially the Studio Line ones).. and for such a great price! These products are cheap enough, but I was lucky there was a 40% off discount offer at the time I ordered so I payed 20 something pounds for all these goodies! I'm so pleased.
Oooh, exciting! 

Here's the breakdown on the goodies  (the prices include the 40% discount) :

  1. Blending Eye Brush - 0.90£
  2. Angled Eyeliner Brush *Studio Line* - 2.10£ 
  3. Eyeshadow C Brush *Studio Line* - 2.10£
  4. Complexion Brush *Studio Line* - 2.10£
  5. Nail Polish - Smoky Brown - 0.90£
  6. Nail Polish - Desert Haze - 0.90£
  7. Mineral Infused Face Primer *Studio Line* - 3.60£
  8. False Lashes Natural Lash Kit - 0.90£
  9. Essential 32pc Eye Palette - Natural - 3.60£
  10. High Definition Powder *Studio Line* - 3.60£
  11. Cream Eyeliner Black (brush included) *Studio Line* - 2.10£

And here is the first product I've tested - a nail polish of course! It's a light taupe that gives that natural but polished look for everyday use called "Desert Haze". I love it! The formula of the polish itself pleasantly surprised me, it was very easy to apply, dried fairly quickly and gave a great shiny finish.

The actual colour in real life is slighty darker, with a browny, almost aubergine undertone.

 I shall be reviewing the rest of the products soon ;)
 Take care, and thanks for reading! x


  1. This is an absolutely gorgeous nail colour! I want it! :D xxx

  2. How fun! I love after I order some goodies once the box arrives because I almost have forgotten everything I ordered and it is so much fun to go through it all! THat nail color is lovely on you! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

    Liesl :)

  3. Love your ELF haul, cannot wait to see swatches and reviews (I hope you do them hehe)!

    The colour is really nice, very autumn chic!! xxx


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