Tuesday, December 6, 2011

NOTD - Essence combo "Modern Romance" + "Space Queen"

Hello lovelies,

Here is one of my fave combos of the moment.
I'm now loving more and more nude, pastel and soft colours on my nails and this little duo is perfect as it's a beautiful pearly soft pink (Modern Romance) topped with a hint of glamour (Space Queen).
These babies were so cheap too, less than 2€ each!

My baby Marley was trailing around after me as I was taking these pics, so I thought I should take one with him too ;) 

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  1. Marley is adorable, what a doll! One of the most gorgeous cats I have ever seen. My cat looks like him, but is a bit less fluffly and doesn't have the white marking. I found your blog via a comment on Pipoca mais doce, I grew up in Portugal but have been living in London for more than 3 years now. Will be a reader now!
    Jill xx


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