Friday, April 27, 2012

April Glossybox

Now that we've moved to Northern Ireland I feel like I'm in an Aladdin's cave - so many exciting things to try out, my beloved Boots that I can visit whenever I feel like it, free deliveries on Amazon, TK Maxx, cheaper postage on Ebay, you name it!
The Glossybox was definitely  one of those things I was desperate to put my mitts on, I was so curious about these beauty boxes everyone was blogging about, but never had the opportunity to order one, since these only operate in the U.K.
So I'm proud to announce that today was the the day I received my very first Glossybox!

And boy was I pleased. Featuring this month is a special edition box - Natural Beauty box, with five natural beauty products in a gorgeous biodegradable box. Perfect for all you eco-friendly organic babes, like myself. I am not by any means one of those people that buys exclusively these types of products, but when I happen to buy/test an organic or a more natural product I always feel that much more pleased with myself. I generally try to buy products without ingredients like sulphates, parabens and silicones, and that are not tested on animals, but have to admit that I don't always go by this rule. I very often succumb to whatever hit products are out there - I am so easily bought unfortunately! 
However I do have to say that since I got my degree in pharmacy and learnt a bit about ingredients commonly found in cosmetics I do have a much more clinical eye when purchasing a product, especially facial products. 

Anyway on to the box itself! In my box there were 5 products, all of which I shall definitely use. I was very impressed with what was picked for me, all 4 of the 5 products are full sizes! 

Featuring in this box was:

* Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum -10 ml
* Inika Cosmetics Certified Organic Lip Liner - full size!
* Ayuuri Natural Body Wash Enriched with Indian Rose, Jasmin and Aloe Vera - 200 ml full size!
Figs and Rouge Lip Balm Cherry and Vanilla - 8 ml full size!
* Yes! Nurse Protect your lovely hands Hand Cream - 50 ml full size!

I literally received this today so haven't really had a chance to properly test any of these products, but I have tried out the Figs and Rouge lip balm and the hand cream. 
I hadn't heard of Figs and Rouge before, but apparently Emma Watson's is a huge fan of this skincare brand. The lip balm is beatifully packaged in a very cute retro little tin. The balm itself is a wonder - since it's petrolleum-free it's not waxy at all and glides on effortlessly on my lips. Its scent is very discreet, you can hardly notice it really when it's on, but I love it. I feel it working immediately, it's so moisturizing and not sticky at all! Because of this it comes off quite quickly, but my lips feel nice and soft even after it has disappeared. 

Apparently the hand cream is formulated especially for nurses, to protect against the harsh effects of constant handwashing. Well I'm no nurse, but constant hand washing kind of rings a bell! I think I'm a bit OCD when it comes to washing hands, I can't stand the grubby hands sensation. This is why it's so important that I moisturize often.

The cream has no particular scent really, but absorbs very quickly and leaves hands nice and moisturized and not at all greasy. Amongst its ingredients we have Manuka Honey, Panthenol, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Pomegranate, Passionflower and Wheat Germ Oils, Aloe Vera, you name it. Very impressed indeed!

I always suffer from dry hands and lips so I'm definitely pleased with these two.
 I'm excited about trying out the Caudalie Serum, as my skin is always on the dehydrated/dry side and I have never tried a serum before. 

The lip liner is a natural colour but still a tiny bit dark for me to pair with my ligher pinks and nudes. It will however go with most of my other lipsticks. It seems to glide very easily.

Lip Liner Swatch

I never expected to get a huge bottle of body wash, I was really chuffed! 

I have to say Rose isn't my favourite smell in cosmetics, or in anything really if I have to be honest. It kind of reminds me of grandmas and this really old fashioned cleansing toner you can buy in Portugal. I'll use it though, and to be fair the perfume isn't too obnoxiously rosy for me, maybe because of the Lavender and Aloe Vera. Also it's Indian Rose, not just any old rose! Haha.

So what did you think, anything here that you like? 

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