Monday, April 23, 2012

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer on BuyaPowa!

I've been wanting to try this treatment for ageeesss! 
It's said to be a real miracle for dry and damaged tresses! It was originally created specifically for Audrey Hepburn, by trichologist Philip Kingley. 
This multi award winning pre-shampoo treatment claims to deliver elasticity, bounce and shine to hair. It also provides UV protection even after washing, helping prolong the life of colour treatments. It promises visible results from one application that improves with continued use. 

I haven't had the courage to splurge on this product because it's soooo expensive. It retails at 26,25£, you can probably get it a bit cheaper on Ebay or Amazon (trust me, I've been searching) but it never lowers down to a respectable price that will make me purchase it. 

I don't know if any of you know about BuyaPowa, but it's a great website where you can buy high end items for a lower price, and you can also get a certain product free if you're the person who referred the most buyers too!
I went to have a little look on their site today and they've got the Elasticizer for 18£! Still expensive but might just well be the lower you can get. This offer is limited though, 19 people have already bought it and there are only 40 available!

So if any of you out there are interested, grab a bargain and give us a help at the same time! 

Click here for more info.

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