Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Collection 2000 The Smokey Eye Palette Quick Review

Bad, bad blogger.
I have been completely rushed off my feet lately, with my crazy unpredictable schedule, a lot of sorting out to do and worrying because Mr Fish still hasn't found a job and we are needing/wanting to move to our own place ASAP.
I know things will eventually get there, but it takes a while and a hella lot of headaches I can tell you!
Apart from that, I am absolutely LOVING my job, I am so happy there! The ideal thing for me would be to move to a more Make-up/Skin care oriented role at Boots, but for now I am very happy just getting little "whiffs" of different roles in the shop: pharmacy, beauty counters, perfume, customer assistant... Getting a load of extra hours covering for other people means every week is different and never boring. It just takes a while to get used to and some weeks I hardly get a break, last week I only got one day off and tomorrow and the next day I'm doing 12 hour shifts! 

As for blogging, unfortunately it has become a bit of a background priority but never forgotten! I still try and catch up with all your gorgeous blogs quickly before I go to bed, even if I don't have the time to comment!

I really do miss it though, and must get back on the horse, as they say!

I just wanted to quickly point out a great recent purchase of mine that I have been using everyday. The Collection 2000 The Smokey Eye Palette is freaking awesome and cheap as chips!
I have been lusting after the infamous Naked II Palette but seeing as it retails for 36£ I think I have to put that one on hold. In the meantime I spotted this little baby at Boots and for just 4,19£ it was impossible to resist!

The colours are all very wearable, extremely pigmented for such a cheap palette and amazingly long lasting! I was amazed by this because usually eyeshadows will crease and fade during the day, especially without a primer so when I got home from work the other day and checked the mirror, there it was - perfect! I even took a picture for blogging/reviewing purposes.

I am really enjoying being creative and experimenting with these eyeshadows as they're dead easy to mix and match! 
I fully recommend investing in this palette, it's also excellent for beginners and as a good alternative for those who can't afford the higher end ones!

I'll try and post a few FOTD using this palette to show you the different shades, but as you can guess the colours range between browns, blacks, nudes and light colours for highlighting. A couple of them are shimmery but without being outrageously so.

By the way, the mascara I'm using is the No.7 Fanomenal Lashes I had blogged about before, I love it!

Thanks for reading guys, and thanks for being patient with me! x


  1. Was rather happy to see a blog from you again! Hope you get back soon :D xx


  2. I wish I came home from a long day at work looking as beautiful as you! Love the little look you've made with the palette. I wish I knew how to do eyeshadow on myself :( x
    Island Girl Insights ♥


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