Sunday, July 1, 2012

Long time, no post!

I haven't forgotten about you guys!

I have been so busy with work lately, I was only contracted to work 5 hours on a Sunday but have been doing every extra hours I can get my paws on and have been working practically full time for the last couple of weeks - lucky me!
I am really enjoying working at Boots, my colleagues are so nice, I love interacting with the public and just being around all that make-up and beauty products all day makes me happy! Yes, I have a degree in Pharmacy but am not working as a pharmacist yet (because it will take a while to sort the fact my degree was completed in Portugal). However I am lucky enough to be able to work most days at the Healthcare counter so in the meantime I am, to a certain extent, using my knowledge there :)

I feel like a totally different person now, more independent and overall just feeling like life is gradually sorting itself out. I was getting a bit desperate - firstly not being able to get a job in Portugal, and now all the adapting process after having moved to the UK. Mr.Fish is job-hunting, and we're already looking at places to rent, so it is all falling into place - slowly!

As it happens this week now I wasn't given that many extra hours at work, which is a shame, but I'm working Thursday and Friday (and obviously Sunday) so that's better than nothing and at least I'll be able to sort other things out like looking at houses to rent.

I'll keep you posted and I'll probably blog this week since I have plenty of time. In the meantime I'll leave you with a couple of pics I took via the Webcam Toy google chrome app. If you have Google Chrome I fully recommend you download this app, it's free and fun to use. You can add loads of effects to your webcam pics and load them instantly to facebook or twitter if you want.

I literally took these pictures 5 minutes ago, and after a few attempts managed to get a decent one of Marley - bless. For those of you that don't know, I'm blind as a bat without my contact lenses so at the end of the day I have to pop this not so fashionable pair of glasses on (just like every other hipster out there I'm wanting the nerdy ray-ban wayfarer ones).

Taking off my lenses is on par with putting on pijamas and ditching the bra... just heaven after a day at work!


  1. Your glasses suit you so well, I'm buying a pair this week actually cause I practically live in my contacts.

    Your kitty is so cute :)

    Good luck with the mr finding a job, it sounds like everything is falling into place slowly and you'll have you own place soon:)

    x x x

  2. Hey pretty lady! Glad you're doing well and settling in at work and at home - so happy everything is slotting in to place. Working at Boots you must be getting tonnes of cheap products and freebies!? xxx

    Island Girl Insights ♥


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